Your Food Is Your Best Advertisement

Running a business is difficult and running a restaurant is even more difficult. If you are an operator of a restaurant, you probably already know the statistics. The odds are heavily weighted in favour of failure. The overwhelming majority of restaurants fail within the first year; of those that survive, the majority of the remaining fail within five years. That is due to several factors; however, they all come back to the same idea that you are just not getting enough customers. If you need more customers, you need to advertise more efficiently. These days, consumers do everything in their power to avoid advertising. They have ad-blockers on their computers so that they do not see website ads and they often use DVRs to avoid seeing television ads. In those inhospitable conditions, advertisers are getting more creative in how they market their products. One type of advertising has never failed to generate business: a great product. If you are putting out a great product and putting it on display, it will market itself.

Products Marketing Themselves

To help your products market themselves, you need to put them on display. When it comes to food, a bain marie is a great way to market. A bain marie is a heated bath designed to gently raise the temperature of a dish to a proper serving temperature. They are effective because they provide gentle, even heating. In the past, they were almost always water baths. Water was chosen because it could carry even heat throughout the appliance. Recently, the emphasis has been on convection heating, though. Convection heating is more efficient and easier to operate. The very best bain maries had cabinets to keep hot food hot and a display for serving. The Butler Equipment bain marie display is a great example of an appliance that is both functional as well as aesthetic.

Functional as Well as Aesthetic

A bain marie cannot be simply a way to keep your food warm for serving. It also has to serve as part of your marketing. Your food has to be good, but it has to be packaged well. If your food is served in an unappetising way, people will not eat it no matter how good you think it is. To that end, you need to buy a bain marie that is classy as well as good-looking. Stainless steel is a classic choice as it is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel can be polished to a high shine with very little work. Also, it can be cleaned very easily because it is a non-porous material. It will not absorb messes or spills. Stainless steel resists corrosion or rust. Many different food substances, especially liquids, can be very damaging to different materials.

Stainless steel will resist that damage and provide you with a great-looking bain marie for years. It will serve as the most effective way to market your food as well. When customers see great-looking food in a great-looking bain marie, they will instantly want to eat it. The saying goes that people eat first with their eyes. Food has to be presented in a good package. Keeping the humidity low in the bain marie is also essential because it keeps fog and clouding low.