What is the Difference between In-House and Agency Recruiters?

Every business is prone to reach a point where it will need a workforce to manage its hiring capabilities. If there are many roles to be filled, you will need someone to write job descriptions, source out candidates, organize interviews and prepare employment offers. There are two ways a company can opt for when this milestone is hit. They can either go for in-house recruiter to handle all the hiring duties or outsource the hiring parties to a recruiting agency like marketing agency Sept 24. Here is a delineated distinction between the two:

Sales Focused versus People Focused

When working with an agency recruiter, notice their aptitude in sales. As their gist is to generate income for the agency, they are prone to centralize on selling their services to both the company as well as the candidate. They will welcome your company as a client with no reservation and assure the presence of talented professionals you can consider to hire. They also offer the same confidence to the candidates. When it comes to in-house recruiter, their gist is to find the right one for the role, team, and company as a whole. They will be centralized on the long term plans of the company, struggle to fill the vacated positions while recruiting candidates with the right backgrounds and the needs of the company.

Speed versus Precision

Agency recruiters work on a rapid basis. They will assist your company to gain the ideal candidates for the vacant role so that they can get paid and move to the next vacant position. In some situations, they also have a maintained database of candidates ready to get in touch so that you can skip on the sourcing stage and jump right to the interview. They will present you with distinct candidates just after you enter into an agreement and suggest you to hire someone from the particular group.

When it comes to in-house recruiters, they will work more meticulously. They will get in touch with the hiring manager to comprehend the exact role requirement before the job description is posted. Then, candidates are solicited from many sources and are screened prior scheduling the interview.

When to Hire an Agency Recruiter?

  • Urgent hiring and when there is a lack of time to source, screen, and interview multiple candidates
  • Hiring for technical or difficult to fill position

When to Hire In-House Recruiter?

  • When in need of candidates who fit in with the wider staff
  • Has long term hiring plans and require an internal recruiter to handle
  • When you need a recruiter who will work closely with the hiring managers
  • Has a definite need and budget for in-house recruiter.