What Does Close Protection Involve?

The main purpose of close protection officers, or bodyguards, is to keep their clients safe from harm. This core objective requires the close protection officer to perform a variety of jobs fully in order to succeed. So, what does close

What Does the Work of a Close Protection Officer Include?

To provide a group or individual with maximum security services and VIP protection, there are various duties that must be performed. In order for a close protection officer to succeed in safeguarding their client, they generally perform the following duties:
• Conducting security audits on premises before the client arrives, such as hotels, restaurants or other venues.
• Installing and using surveillance equipment where necessary.
• Surveying and conducting the layout of venues to identify and minimise potential risks.
• Offering security driving to transport the client to and from eventssafely.
• Accompanying the client everywhere as to offer physical protection.

Who Do Bodyguards Protect?

Bodyguards have a variety of clients and VIPs from different backgrounds and positions, most often these clients include:
• Foreign dignitaries
• Diplomats and politicians
• Business executives and senior management teams
• Legal professionals
• Celebrities

Need VIP Protection?

If you’re looking for VIP protection services from close protection officials who are experts in their industry, make sure that you find a bodyguard agency that has years of experience when it comes to offering a range of clients with value-added services. For maximum security, get the experts on it.