Texture Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift For Those Hard-To-Buy-For People

It may still be November, but Christmas is right around the corner and will be upon us faster than you may think. Hell, if any store you walk into these days is to be believed, it’s basically already here. And you know what that means – it’s time to start the process of buying gifts for your friends and family. Unless you enjoy the final week shopping frenzy and mass consumer hysteria, that is.

In any case, every year there’s always that one person who it seems impossible to shop for. Whether it’s because they already have everything or they just don’t ever act like they want anything, the struggle to be Santa Claus is real. Luckily, you have Texture to turn to.

Even if they don’t explicitly mention it, everyone has somewhat of an interest in magazines. Either people have a couple favourite publications that they religiously stick to or a variety of magazines they enjoy flipping through. The problem is that most people don’t want to be burdened with physical copies anymore. They’re cumbersome, they pile up and then eventually you have to deal with disposing of them – it all just seems like a giant waste of paper in an era of online dominance.

That’s why Texture is such an ingenious creation. It gathers all of your favourite publications into one database that you have complete access to for a very affordable monthly fee. No matter what topic you like – from pop culture to sports to politics to fashion to technology and much, much more – it’s all available here. And these aren’t second-rate magazines that you’ve never heard of – any big publication that you can think of is included here.

Texture makes reading magazines on your tablet or smartphone equivalent to reading a hard copy. It takes the exact look and feel of your magazine and simply puts it on the screen. You’re not just relegated to current issues, either. Texture includes all of the back issues that you can easily dive into.

Additionally, you can customize your account for your own personal tastes and bookmark articles you like to create a “favourites” list. You can even pre-download issues to your device so you can read when there’s no internet around. And since you can also access your account on up to five different devices, Texture is truly fluid and transferable.

If you’re not convinced or you’re not sure if the person you’re gifting it to will be thoroughly impressed, know that the first 30 days are free when you sign up. That’s plenty of time to take it for a ride and see everything Texture has to offer. In all honesty, once you experience Texture, it’s hard to imagine getting your magazine content any other way.

Source: Texture