Shipping Companies Are Professional and Reasonably Priced

When you own a company that ships items across the country or across the globe, you know how important it is to have the perfect containers to ship your items in. Shipping containers come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, as well as different materials that depend on which items you are shipping. Regardless of which option you choose, however, it is important that they are sturdy enough not only for you to package your items properly, but sturdy enough to last until the products get to their final destination. Fortunately, there are companies that offer a variety of shipping containers that will fit all your shipping needs, and they offer their products at very reasonable prices.

Shipping Companies Professional

Shipping Containers Come with Many Options

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes to fit many different items. This includes three basic types, referred to as Grades A, B and C.

Grade A containers are like new and have vents in the side walls to let in air. They usually have floors made of marine plywood and come in a variety of colours. Grade A containers also have lockboxes installed by the factory so that the containers’ contents are secure.

Shipping containers Professional

Grade B containers are used containers but still very sturdy and long lasting. Although they may have minor rust stains, dents and dings, they are 100% water- and wind-tight so they will protect all contents from the elements. They have an excellent overall condition and are especially useful for shipping household goods.

Grade C containers are the least expensive option and are usually sold in ‘as is’ condition. They can have major dents or rust stains, but are still water- and wind-tight. Grade C containers are excellent options for shipping items like farm equipment and machinery.

Grade C Shipping containers

Shipping Container Sizes

Most companies pay attention to shipping container dimensions when choosing which one to purchase, because they want containers that are large enough to store their items but not too big in size. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes that include:

  • General purpose containers that are either 20 feet or 40 feet in length and have a cubic capacity of 33.2 m3 or 67.7 m3, respectively
  • High cube containers that are either 20 feet or 40 feet in length and have a cubic capacity of 37.4 m3 or 76.2 m3, respectively

Shipping Container Sizes

Whether you are shipping household goods, furniture and appliances, office equipment or farm machinery and tools, you can find a shipping container that fits your needs. Most companies that sell or hire shipping containers are happy to assist any customer and offer advice on which container they should choose. In fact, many of them even offer a simple way for you to receive a free, no obligation quote so that you are sure to choose the right container for your needs. Researching shipping containers online is an excellent choice, because these companies’ websites give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which company to use and which container to purchase.