Screening and Vetting Services

A powerful employee-screening program can help an organisation minimise the risk of making poor hiring or recruitment decisions. When left unchecked, your business hire could lead to misconduct, dishonesty, or even fraud to your business, reputation, brand, or financial standing.

No two businesses are exactly the same. Each business and a person’s role within that business requires a different set of competency, attributes, skills, responsibilities, and authority. A DBS check online application form can assist with the screening and vetting of poor candidates, so you are left with the people you know you can trust.

Employee screen services include things such as:

  • Identity Check – Verification that the applicant is who they say they are through credentials such as a passport or birth certificate.
  • Right to Work – Validates that the applicant is an EU citizen or holds a right to work equivalent such as a work or student visa.
  • Proof of Residence – Confirms that the applicants stated residential address commences with the public electoral roll or other transactional data.
  • UK Credit Check – Reporting of an applicant’s credit history through an established credit bureau. This helps potential employers discover things like bankruptcy or court judgements that could affect their hiring decision.
  • Drivers License Check – Driver’s license history is reviewed to identify any restrictions, disqualifications, or penalties.
  • Academic Qualification – A direct request is made to the school or university the applicant attended to verify periods of attendance or stated qualifications.
  • Employment History – Validation will be completed through written or verbal referencing of past employers.
  • Additional Professional Qualification or Membership Check – If other qualifications or memberships are stated, a direct request will be submitted to the professional institution to verify.
  • Criminal Record Search – A complete criminal background check will be made to the appropriate body to verify any disclosures or possible areas of concern.
  • UK Directorship Search – Searches conducted of Companies House records to identify any dictatorships.
  • Complete Data Sources Check – This includes FSA, Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC), CIA, Politically Exposed Persons Intelligence, and HM Treasury.
  • Media Search – Online searches are made through multiple media sources to identify newsworthy items.

Why Do a Vetting or Background Check?

What exactly do background checks tell you about a person? A background check reveals a lot of important information, ranging from a person’s personal information, to his or her working history, to a candidate’s criminal history. When conducting a background check, you’ll find out things like:

  • Any aliases and maiden names.
  • The candidates address history and length of residency.
  • Previous work history.
  • Public records, such as criminal information.

In-depth vetting, screening, and criminal checks can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information on your candidate. You’ll know before you decide to hire that you are getting the complete picture, as well as preventing the risk of hidden surprises down the road.