Office Refurbishing – A cheaper Alternative

In the decorating world, to “refurbish” is to clean and decorate a room to make it more attractive or better equipped. Office refurbishment is very often a cheaper alternative to a complete fitout, with many of the existing components used in the refit.

More space

One of the benefits of an office refurbishing, is the extra space you will gain. Saracen Interiors are office refurbishment specialistsand will provide a design that will significantly improve your working area. With modern office furniture and space saving cupboards, you can create a more effective environment that gives you additional space.

An alternative to relocation

Having your office refurbished can be a better idea than relocating, with the extra space and the new design options, your old office can be transformed. The cost of relocation is much higher, with the new office requiring a fitout, so if you are happy with your current location, a refit might work for you. Often the move is decided on due to the shabby look of the interior, which hasn’t changed since you arrived. Yet by having the interior refurbished, your office will once again have that special air about it.

Furniture supplies

Of course, every office needs to be furnished and with so many design options available, you are spoilt for choice. Often when refurbishing, existing furniture can be restored and used in the new design, which keeps the cost down. Exciting modern designs that complement the current open-plan trend will help create that professional image that is so important in today’s business world.

Partitioning systems

The use of partitioning and screen panels allows you to make more effective use of the available space, with panels that interlock and stand-alone screens, you can create as many workstations as you would need, plus an extra one for good measure. Another advantage to having assembled partitions is that you can easily remove or relocate them, instantly changing the layout of your office.

Glass partitions

Ideal for office environments, a combination of clear and opaque glass panels can really transform your workspace. The opaque sections will give your staff the privacy, while the clear sections allow for high visibility, giving you the best of both worlds. Glass has long been an effective screening material in large venues, such as shopping malls,sports stadiums, and other public places. With tempered safety glass as an industry standard, larger panels can be safely used.


How much light your office receives has a major influence on the ambienceand with careful planning, you can achieve the perfect balance. Lighting does not always have to be fixed to the ceiling, with adjustable spotlight strips and table lamps providing a more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for meeting rooms and waiting areas. Of course, table lamps are essential, as we all need bright light when working and with modern designs, you can save valuable desktop space. LED provides subtle background hues that are ideal for rest areas, with a range of colours and effects. Here is some useful information about office lighting, highlighting the importance that lighting has in the overall ambience.

Working without closure

Many situations demand that the refurbishment takes place while the business continues to operate. An experienced office refurbishing company can carry out their work while the business remains open. This requires a high level of care and coordination, working in the background, allowing the employees to go about their daily tasks. Your business doesn’t have to suffer at all with the installation team working around you. It may cause minor disruption, butthis would be overseen by the project manager, who ensures that all vital equipment remains ready to use. With so many businesses reluctant to cease work, even for a few hours, it is comforting to know that a reputable office fitout company can complete the job while you continue to operate as normal. Dining

Building services

Often an office refurbishment requires building work to be completed and this is something your project manager can oversee. Groundwork for an extension would require the water and drainage systems to be extended, with added electrical wiring to be fitted. This is also the time to source any leaks in the water pipes and by using an established company, you will have access to the latest technology, with acoustic leak detection, which enables a leak to be sourced and repaired quickly. With several essential services lined up to do their work, coordination is critical, so your project manager would make sure that each service is ready to do their respective job.

Customer satisfaction

If a company is committed to customer satisfaction, the focus is on making sure you are happy, so nothing is too much trouble. Your office refurbishing company should strive to create the perfect working environment, with the minimum of inconvenience. The project manager would be on hand when the new office is handedover, making sure that everything is as it should be.

Image of business people listening and talking to their colleagu

A comprehensive service

The right company can deal with every aspect of your office refurbishment, with a clear budget in mind, the design team will assist you in selecting the right layout for your business. Existing materials would be used when possible, which keeps costs down. They would also deal with any local government issues, as well as organising all the essential services. Once the design has been approved, a date can be set and the project manager will coordinate the work, making sure that each stage is completed to schedule. If there’s a move involved, your office refurbishing company regularly provides moving services for their clients. More often than not, the client is relocating and usually prefers to let the fitout company handle all the logistics, which makes sense.

The workmanship

All reputable office renovation companies will offer a workmanship guarantee, which demonstrates a high level of confidence in their ability to provide a first class service. It is comforting for the client to know that the very best standards will be applied.


So, if your business is doing well and you are considering an expansion, talk to a professional company who specialise in office refurbishment and let them take the strain and help your business grow.