How HR Managers Can Evaluate Candidates for Jobs

One of the most important skills that a human resources manager must have is to be able to find and recruit the best applicants to fill a company’s positions. However, hiring is more complicated now because most candidates don’t mail their resumes or drop off applications: they upload these documents electronically since most companies have an online application process. Evaluation skills are critical for HR managers because they need to know what to look for on resumes and how to evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities in order to find the best people to hire.

Looking for Candidates

When there are open positions in your company, you need to be able to find the best people to fill those jobs. One way to do that is to create a candidate profile to describe the ideal employee for some of the most important positions within the company. Candidate profiles should be created for positions like supervisors, upper-level managers, and sales personnel.

To create accurate profiles, you will need to evaluate the people that are currently filling those positions to find those who are most successful at their jobs. This may mean evaluating the sales staff to find the best sellers in the group or taking a look at the turnover rates for department managers within the company. Then you can use this information, as well as the attributes of the most successful people in your company, to create candidate profiles when you need to hire people for similar positions.

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Evaluating Resumes

After creating the ideal candidate profiles, a skilled HR manager needs to be able to evaluate the resumes and applications he or she receives for open positions. While some of recruitment and selection skills can be acquired through experience, they can also be learned by taking human resources management courses. You can sort resumes by comparing the educations and experiences of candidates to those of the successful employees that you used for your ideal candidate profiles.

Once you have sorted the resumes and are ready to contact those that are qualified for the positions for which you’re hiring, you should have a list of prepared questions to use when talking to the candidates. This gives you a way to further screen candidates and narrow the list of those that are qualified even further. You should always use that same questions when talking with to each candidate to ensure that you are evaluating everyone equally.

Testing Candidates

Once you have a stack of resumes from candidates you feel are the most qualified for the positions you’re filling, you need to further evaluate them to find the best ones to hire. This can be done throughtesting to evaluate their abilities and skills.

While a candidate may look great on paper and interview well, testing each candidate will give you insights on their cognitive abilities and their behavioural traits. It is important that HR managers possess the skills needed to successfully recruit people to fill the jobs within their company, whether they hire from outside or within the company.