Does Your Business Need a Film Production Partner?

The methods for reaching potential clients and customers are constantly evolving. You have to reach your customers where they are without being intrusive. In the past, you could create some television commercials and run some print ads to reach your customers or clients. That’s not so effective anymore. Most people avoid ads as much as they possibly can. They install ad blockers on their computers that eliminate online advertisements completely. Many people also watch television with DVRs so they can fast forward through most commercials. For many different reasons, people avoid advertisements as much as possible. The solution to that problem is simple: don’t advertise.

Entertainment, not Advertising

Most consumers don’t want to watch advertisements anymore and now that they don’t have to, they try to avoid them. Furthermore, more and more people are actually abandoning television altogether. They get most of their news and entertainment delivered over the Internet. So, if you want to reach your customers, you need to focus on providing compelling and engaging content that they want to see. You need to focus on finding a film production company that specialises in delivering compelling videos.

When your customers are scrolling through their Facebook and Twitter feeds, they scroll past most videos that play. They tend to stop and watch ones that catch their eyes, but only if they are compelling within the first few seconds. You have to grab a viewer’s attention very quickly these days. The way to do that is with a professional production that engages quickly. When you are looking to create an advertisement, you need to hire a team who specialises in narrative production as well as commercial. In the 21st century, every commercial needs to have a narrative and to borrow the effective tools from narrative filmmaking. Your customers are more savvy than ever; they don’t care for being advertised to.

Production Value

The production value of your commercials matters as well. The production value matters because you will need to represent your business as well as you can. When people see your commercials or advertisements, they make a judgment about your business based on them. If you have a cheap and uninspiring commercial, they will think your business is low quality. Potential clients and customers will think that a high-value production reflects a business that is also of high value. When you work with a film production team who is doing great work, they can help your advertisements to reflect the great business you’re running.

Also, high-value productions are more likely to be able to grab people’s eyes. There are so many low-quality videos in people’s newsfeeds that a high production value will immediately stand out as something distinct.

That’s really what advertising is all about. You need to inform your customers and provide them with something they feel encouraged to watch, but it’s mostly about finding a way to stand out. No matter what your product or service might be, you need to stand out. Even if customers don’t need your services right away, they will remember the business with the great advertisements when they do need what you have to offer.