Chemicals Combined With Industrial Adhesives – What Exactly Are They and just what Will They Do?

Primers, Cleaners, Etchants, Initiators, Activators, Accelerators and Surface Conditioners are types of different chemicals which are used along with some adhesive applications to have preferred results. The needs from the process will guide selecting the right chemical. In some instances the substrates should be primed, in other instances the adhesive cure is triggered by having an activator. Use products as suggested through the manufacturer to be used using the adhesive inside your application.

The next summary descriptions will expose you to the methods these chemicals can impact the end result of the adhesive application.


A primer is really a surface coating that changes the type of the surface to ensure that a glue or coating will follow it better. Utilization of a primer can considerably boost the adhesive’s capability to wet the surface.

Plastics frequently need a primer that’s quite specific to certain kinds of plastics. For instance, polyolefin primers are made to increase adhesion towards the the surface of polyolefin. When utilized on many other materials for example nylon and composites they are able to really reduce the adhesion.

A specific adhesive type may in addition have a specific primer formulated to be used. So while one primer will raise the adhesion of cyanoacrylate towards the substrate, it won’t boost the adhesion of the Ultra violet light curable adhesive.


When accelerators are utilized to accelerate solution time, generally there’s a tradeoff within the bond strength. When connecting a really porous material having a cyanoacrylate, accelerator put on the substrate can increase adhesion by resulting in the cure prior to the adhesive is fully absorbed through the material.

Anaerobic Surface Conditioner

Anaerobic glues cure only in the existence of metal ions. Some metals tend to be more reactive than the others. In individuals cases a surface conditioner created for anaerobic glues will raise the cure speed or allow cure on the non-metal surface. Like accelerators, anaerobic surface conditioners could cause a decrease in bond strength.

Initiators or Activators

Initiators or activators are catalysts. They are utilised with two component glues and cause cure to happen. They are specific towards the adhesive so use care in selection.


Most commercially accessible cleaners offered by adhesive manufacturers are made to cleanup spilled adhesive – to not clean components to become glued. Standard industrial cleaners and solvents generally get the job done.

Cleaning components is easiest once the surface contaminants are known. Simple cleaning will have the desired effect to get rid of surface mold releases and plasticizers and permit the adhesive more direct connection with the plastic surface. For instance heavily plasticized PVC may have greater surface tension after being easily wiped lower with isopropyl alcohol. Similarly alcohol or acetone will remove many mold releases.

Some plastics respond well to some simple cleaning that eliminates the requirement for a primer without having to sacrifice the effectiveness of the text.


Etchants are acidity-based solutions made to prepare challenging surfaces for connecting. The top energy of numerous metal compounds, and a few plastics, for example fluoropolymers, won’t be elevated via whether cleaner or perhaps a primer. Etchants can be bought or even the process could be outsourced.

In conclusion, its not all adhesive application requires using a chemical to attain preferred results, however using you can be only the trick you did not know you had been searching for! Consult the maker for strategies for your unique application.

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