Advertising Your Clients Can’t Ignore

Advertising in the 21st century is an interesting paradox. It is the best of times for reaching customers but it’s also the worst of times. There are more ways to reach customers than ever before; however, customers have more ways to avoid advertising than ever before. You can reach your potential clients and customers with email, online advertising, and television advertising. Many customers use ad-blockers to block online ads, email advertisements go to their spam folders, and they use DVRs to fast-forward through commercials. All of those ways you can reach customers are routinely blocked by the customers themselves. Typically, this is because the ads are seen as obtrusive. When someone is watching television, he or she doesn’t necessarily want to be interrupted by advertisements. There is still one great way to reach customers, though.

Petrol Stations

Every day, millions of UK citizens wake up and drive their personal vehicles to work. Those who aren’t going to work drive their children to school or visit the market. You can capture that demographic by advertising at petrol stations. It’s obviously impossible to drive a car without visiting a petrol station, which means that every person who drives will eventually see your petrol station advertisements. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is what to put on your ad.

Advertise on Nozzles

The best place to advertise is on the nozzle itself. The routine of filling up your car has a certain monotony to it; therefore, many people don’t even notice the signs and billboards around the station. However, they will inevitably reach for the nozzles at some point. When they reach for the nozzles, they will see your advertisement. There’s not a large amount of space on a nozzle so the advertising needs to be carefully considered.

You should choose ads that are bright and eye-catching. The colours should be robust. Your ads should include your business, your contact information, and whatever piece of information you want customers to have. If you are able to keep it concise and engaging, you will drive new customers to your business. You need to make sure the colours are vibrant, though.

Keep it Looking Good

Since petrol nozzles will be subjected to constant threat from the weather, they will eventually fade and diminish. To keep them looking good for as long as possible, you need to employ a quality advertising firm to print your advertisements. The very best firms use the best mediums and the best paint to ensure that they last as long as possible. Customers who see a low-quality ad will be actually less likely to shop at your business.


Research has found that advertising poorly is actually worse than not advertising at all. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression on your customers, approaching them in a way they find to be intrusive or low-quality will taint your brand in their minds forever. If you are going to advertise on petrol nozzles, you have to hire talented printers.