How to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook and Instagram

Social Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the perfect arena to advertise your content, product, and services only when you are doing your PR in a right manner.  These Social Media websites are popular because they are simple to use and made for common masses, hence they are equally useful to advertise your site and blogs. Everybody has knowledge of these websites, and most of the new startups are exploiting it right because they are going with a strategy.

What is the Actual Mantra?

There are no advertising fees on Facebook and Instagram if you are not getting a commercial launch and handling all by yourself.   You can also check for the paid option but be prepared for the quality of content, and the variety does play an important role here. If you are efficient enough to manage your Social Media posts on your own, then you can do it or go with professional help from a reputed content writing agency for your writing section can do the magic. An interactive and well-written content is the necessity here, and you can’t risk it on any amateur.

Communicate with the Online Population:

To relate with the online users, you will need someone who can justify the age group and the mindset of the targeted audience. To create the change, you need to be the change. Many content writing services like Blogging, translation and Review writings need to be done by concentrating the audience and their requirements. You will need to post Audio/ Video Posts and do not miss to add pictures when you are uploading a simple post on your Brand page. Do the smart captioning which can justify the post with a sense of humor.

Go with a Contest with your Hashtag

This online generation loves to be a part of a completion or a poll as everybody wants to win. Manage all these activities from your official Social media handle, and it will further help you to achieve verified mark from these social media giants.

To create a poll or a competition you must ask to follow your official page on both the websites. Ask something trending which can also be somehow related to your Brand or product. Make it compulsory to add a Hashtag (it can be anything but must associate your brand). Do make them feel special by specially mentioning the winners and the runner-ups of the competition.

Ask them to write something for you and do maintain an active conversation otherwise; they will not communicate with you. Going Live for a Video seminar or a live session of Q & A is also a great idea and must be used to gain the attention of the online generation.

Hire a content writing company

To create an exclusive content for your online interaction you can take help from the professionals and freelancers of this platform. It is further useful to hire eBook Copywriters, Ghost writers, Bloggers, etc. for your future expansion.