Headhunters Help You Recruit In 2017

Recruitment trends are always changing and 2017 is no different as the economy changes and newer members of the workforce shake things up. One of the major shifts in attitude that have come about lately are that candidates are more discerning than ever. With strong job growth quarter after quarter in Toronto and the rest of Canada, not to mention greater connectivity that makes it easier to find jobs across the globe, interviewees are turning the tables around and interviewing hiring managers. They want to know what companies are like before they entertain the idea of coming on board. Talented professionals know that they’re in high demand and they aren’t going to settle for less if they know something better is around the corner, and they have access to more jobs across the world thanks to the role of digital technologies.

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that firms take recruitment seriously. Talent gives you your edge and you need a strategy that will retain and bring on new talent without breaking the bank. It can feel like a tightrope act at times, which is why having the help of a Toronto recruitment firm like IQ Partners can help your strategy. Not only can they help provide a steady stream of qualified candidates when you’re looking to fill a role, they can also advise you on your recruitment and retention strategy. When you’re being interviewed just as much as you’re interviewing, it’s crucial that you stand out beyond your competitors. Remember, if you don’t hire them, it’s your business rivals that will.

Before you start looking for candidates to fill in vital roles at your company, consider these tips from IQ Partners in Toronto.

Your Website Is A Great Recruiter – Your website is the first place both your clients and prospective candidates go to find out who you are. Take some time to make sure your careers section lays out who you are and what you value. In the long run, it will help attract candidates that have talent and are serious about working with you. Make sure all of your opportunities are listed on your website first; you’re going to get better candidates from your website than from classified sites.

Better Candidate Pools – Start being proactive about your candidate pool by working with recruitment firms like IQ Partners that bring candidates to you. Stop waiting for them respond to your job postings when it’s in your means to go out and find them yourself. Passive candidates are often the best ones, because they are already employed and may not be actively seeking.

Recruit Internally – The first place to look is within; you already know your current employees and you reduce the risks of hiring that way.

Better Compensation – This one should be a no-brainer and while a better salary will put you ahead of the competition, also consider greater flexibility and benefits, as these are also valued by talented professionals.